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Freshly Baked, Healthy, Vegan, Gluten Free & Paleo Cookies & Confections


Frequently Asked Question

1.Do you ship your delicious baked goods?

We ship via USPS within the Continental US states. Shipping will be calculated during checkout.  Currently we ship once a week. All orders received will be shipped out within a week of placing the order. All of our products are baked fresh & packed & shipped at the same time to get them to you as fresh as possible. 
There is no international shipment.

2.Where is SmartSnackBites bakery located?

We are a New Jersey based online bakery. Right now most of our baked treats are sold either online or through stores & farmers markets in & around NJ. 

3. Is your Baking Facility Gluten Free?

The commercial kitchen that we use currently is not a certified  gluten free facility. However  the other businesses sharing the kitchen are pasta sauce & jam making companies who do not use gluten in any of their products. We still take utmost care to make sure there is no cross contamination & our prep space has been isolated from the main kitchen. We use dedicated small wares & a dedicated gluten free oven for our bakes. We strive to source the best & the freshest quality ingredients as much as possible. All of the ingredients that we use are naturally gluten free & most of them are certified Gluten free, organic & some Non-GMO. We do random EZ gluten tests on our finished baked goods to make sure our products conform to the definition of Gluten free. 

4. Do Your products contain allergens?

Most of our products are nut based and are made of various nut flours.  We do not use Soy directly but the butter in our vegan products contains soy which is certified Non GMO. Some of our products are nut free but they have been prepared & baked at the same time as our nut based products . 

Please read the allergen information carefully before you consume our products. 
A complete ingredient list along with allergen & nutrition information is available on our website in order to help you choose a product that is safe for your consumption.